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Free Sedation with Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Summer is almost here and with that, comes sunshine and smiles! If you’ve been having pain from your wisdom teeth, right now is a great time to take care of it so you can fully enjoy your summer. For a limited time, we are offering Free sedation with Wisdom Teeth Extraction. If you have been putting this off due to fear or anxiety, there is no better time than now to schedule your appointment.

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A lot of people go their entire life without having issues with their wisdom teeth. Some never develop them at all. But for those who do, if a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to grow, they can become impacted and cause a lot of problems. An impacted tooth may:


  • Cause significant pain
  • Grow at an angle towards adjacent tooth or back of the mouth
  • Trap food behind the tooth
  • Infection or gum disease
  • Tooth decay in adjacent teeth
  • Development of a fluid filled cyst around the tooth
  • Shifting of other teeth, leading to orthodontic complications


Don’t let wisdom teeth become an issue. Call us today to schedule an appointment for you or a loved one.


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