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3D CEREC Scanning: No Gooey Impressions


CEREC uses virtual scanning technology to record a digital “impression” of your teeth. A small handheld wand is waved over each tooth to record the shapes and contours of each surface. This data is converted into our in-house CEREC milling equipment, where we virtually plan out a custom porcelain filling or crown, which is then carved from a solid piece of hand-selected porcelain that’s matched to your unique tooth color and hue.


Not only does CEREC eliminate the need for uncomfortable, gooey impressions, it also results in the highest level of accuracy for your restorative needs. Highly precise digital mapping eliminates the risk of poorly fitting crowns, multiple dental appointments, or human error during the design process. You can expect a perfect, secure fit in just one trip to our Midlothian practice.

Fixed Implant Overdentures

Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry is one of the only cosmetic dentists in the South Dallas area to routinely incorporate CEREC porcelain fillings (sometimes called dental inlays and onlays) into our complex restorative services.


Porcelain fillings are preferred when areas of tooth decay compromise the structural integrity and appearance of your smile. Each restoration is digitally crafted from one solid piece, for superior reinforcement during everyday use. CEREC restorations provide a seamless fit that precisely matches the tooth being treated, regardless of how large the area of decay or damage is.


Electing to have a CEREC porcelain filling is a great alternative to conventional amalgam (silver) restorations, which can weaken tooth structure and detract from the appearance of your smile. They’re also more predictable than mercury-free white fillings, especially in hard-to-reach areas.


Single Visit Dental Crowns Near Dallas


Traditional porcelain dental crowns typically involve a two or three-visit process to complete. But DFW CEREC dental crowns can be designed, created, and placed in just one day. CEREC single visit crown treatments are extremely predictable and save our patients valuable time when it comes to addressing functional or cosmetic dental concerns without sacrificing the quality of your investment.


“Why do I need a dental crown,” you ask? Crowns provide full-coverage protection to your tooth, as opposed to limited surfaces treated with porcelain fillings. You may need a crown in instances involving:

  • Recent root canal (endodontic) treatment
  • On top of individual dental implants to replace a missing tooth
  • Areas of severe wear or fractures
  • Restoring areas of aggressive tooth decay
  • Full mouth rehabilitation with aesthetic materials

Choosing to have your crown made in a day also allows you to complete other necessary dental treatment at the same appointment. As a certified sedation dentistry provider in South DFW, Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry in Midlothian is able to deliver premier services in a single appointment, while ensuring the highest level of comfort to our patients.

Thanks to technology such as CEREC, procedure such as single visit dental implant placement and restoration with a permanent crown are services that we’re able to provide on an everyday basis.

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