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What’s Involved in a Smile Makeover?


Each smile makeover is a unique experience that’s curated to the individual needs of the patient that we’re seeing. Perhaps you have several missing or damaged teeth, or need to enhance the healthy ones that you already have. Your customized smile makeover will involve a combination of therapeutic, restorative, and aesthetic options to help you achieve your desired results.


You may want to consider one or a combination of several types of cosmetic dental treatments, including:

Dental Veneers and Porcelain Crowns

We work with some of the finest veneers and porcelain crown designers in the country, using only American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry certified labs. Through careful oversight by our Midlothian cosmetic dentist, we can design and create a new smile that looks flawlessly shaped, sized, and shaded to optimally enhance your appearance. Everything from your facial profile and skin tone to the contour of your gumlines and width of your smile will come into play.

Porcelain Crowns

CEREC Fillings

Porcelain fillings (inlays and onlays) are custom milled from a solid piece of ceramic for the highest level of accuracy. Shaded to match the tooth being treated, CEREC fillings offer promising advantages over conventional white restorations.

CEREC Crowns

Dental Implants

Having missing teeth doesn’t just detract from your smile’s appearance, it can have a huge impact on your self-confidence as well. Whether you only have one missing tooth or need to replace all of them, our comprehensive dental implant solutions can help you look and feel better than you have in years. From single tooth implants with a crown to complete full-arch Hybridge dental implants, each step of the procedure is completed right here by our DFW implant dentist.

Porcelain Crowns

ZOOM Teeth Whitening

A brighter smile is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Teeth whitening is great as a stand-alone cosmetic service or as a way to base upcoming aesthetic restorations against whiter neighboring teeth. Choose between same-day ZOOM whitening or a custom, professional take-home kit.

Fixed Bridges

Tooth Alignment Therapy

Inman aligners and MTM orthodontic appliances are a great alternative to conventional braces or clear aligner treatments if you’ve previously gone through braces and have experienced relapse of tooth movement. These short-term tooth alignment options address minor crowding or tooth positioning in the “smile zone” areas of your mouth.

Porcelain Crowns

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A smile makeover can be far more life changing than just changing what your teeth look like in the mirror. Full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction takes several things into account, including:

  • Occlusal irregularities of how the teeth bite together, impacting their function.
  • Underlying soft tissue infections (like periodontal disease) that affect the gums and bone supporting your teeth.
  • Function and movement of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
  • Concurrent medical or physical needs.
  • Future goals or immediate priorities that need to be considered.

Beginning with eliminating active infection and disease, then transitioning into replacing missing teeth while addressing overall aesthetics allows us to design and create a healthy, beautiful smile that you’ll feel proud to wear each and every day. We want you to be able to speak clearly, eat comfortably, and smile confidently. That’s why each smile makeover with our Midlothian cosmetic and implant dentist is such a unique experience.

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