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Preventive Dentistry - Preventive dentistry is the hygienist specialty. She is highly trained to educate, motivate and initiate preventive dental care. Since it is best to stop problems before they start, we provide a wide range of preventive dentistry options including routine dental cleanings, and tooth sealants.
Periodontal Disease - Periodontal disease is a serious health concern in the United States with estimates of 70% of all persons over the age of 40 having some form of the disease. Without healthy gums, your teeth are at risk, therefore, we maintain a rigorous protocol for ensuring our patients gums are healthy.
Restorative Dentistry - We practice all phases of restorative dentistry. Root canals, fillings, and extractions are performed in addition to placement of dentures, partials, crowns and veneers. Be sure to ask about the exciting Cerec CAD/CAM technology that allows you to have your crown placed in a single visit.
Cosmetic Dentistry - At Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry we want your smile to be beautiful. We can take care of your needs whether you need simple ZOOM! whitening or full mouth rehabilitation. All of our services are cosmetic as we strive for perfection. We utilize a variety of beautifully designed porcelain crowns, veneers, and tooth colored fillings to ensure an outstanding aesthetic result. Allergan Botox Cosmetic is also available to enhance your smile.
Dental Implants - Are you missing one or more teeth? Perhaps you have or need dentures. Dental implants may now restore one or all of your missing teeth. Implants are the most natural choice for replacing teeth today. You can be assured that the result will give you back a beautiful, youthful smile.
Sedation Dentistry - Have you avoided seeing the dentist due to anxiety? This is no longer a problem! A light sedation is now available that allows you to be completely relaxed, yet responsive. Years of neglect can be remedied in a minimal number of appointments.
Your Privacy - Many systemic diseases are manifest with oral conditions, therefore, it is necessary to have a complete health history on every patient. You can trust that your Protected Health Information (PHI) is secure in our office. We understand that we ask quite a lot of questions, but this allows us to best understand your individual needs and customize your care.


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